Teryl's Class Fees*

Ask other teachers for their pricing.

DROP-IN Fees: $18/ class

First-time New Students $20 (2 for 1) 



5 classes $75  ($15 per class); $70 seniors; $50 Seniors 80 years or older 

10 classes   $140 ($14 per class)

20 classes  $260  ($13 per class)

NOTE: We do not take credit cards.


Private Yoga Therapy Sessions with Teryl  $75/hour, $60 Seniors

Private sessions to meet individual needs.

FREE Class within a week of your birthday or (with spouse) of your anniversary. 

*Some partial scholarships, sliding scales, donations or trades may be arranged for those that need it.

709 N. Nevada, Suite 201        Colorado Springs, CO 80903   

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