Brief History of Kripalu Yoga:

Kripalu Yoga was inspired by the life and teachings of Swami Kripalu (1913-1981). “Renowned in India for his love of God, service to humanity and mastery of yoga, this modern-day saint was an accomplished scholar and musician who maintained a rigorous schedule of ten hours of meditation a day for thirty years, awakening the life forces called “prana” and “kundalini” within his body. His teachings flowed from a tremendous depth of spiritual experience.

A close disciple of Swami Kripalu, Yoga Amrit Desai, came to America in 1960 to study art and teach yoga. In 1970, following a profound yoga experience, he and his many gifted students adapted Swami Kripalu’s teachings into a format suited to the needs of active Westerners, which he called Kripalu Yoga. In 1977, Swami Kripalu came to the US, and lived for 4 years at the original Kripalu Center in Pennsylvania. He returned to India in 1981, where he died shortly thereafter. Swami Kripalu always said that his life’s path was to be a “Pilgrim of Love.”

Since Yogi Desai’s departure from Kripalu in 1994, the Kripalu Center (in Lenox, MA, since 1984) continued to evolve its unique approach to spiritual living for health, growth and transformation.

~ adapted from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

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Kripalu Yoga

“Kripalu Yoga is a Meditation-in-Motion,

a pathless path, an effortless flow, a non-aggressive, non-intrusive, non-mental response to the primal intelligence of prana working as the instinctive wisdom of the body. It has no techniques to perfect, no goals to be achieved, no routine to follow. It is a prayer without words, a divine dance, an experience of the moment. The practice of Kripalu Yoga takes place not just in your body, but in your mind as well.

Its benefits are not limited by how stiff or flexible you are, by what your body can or cannot do, or by how well you have mastered the techniques or perfected the postures. Even though it accepts all techniques and teachings of the great masters, its ultimate source for the guidance of postures is instinctive and intuitive knowing that transcends all limitations of both body and mind, in every aspect and activity, experience and expression

of life.”

~ compiled from quotes by Yogi Amrit Desai

creator of Kripalu Yoga


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